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Our company.

In mid-1975, the founder of Frelanzza,  Mr Mario Issa Pedro, started his entrepreneurial life by noticing a small isolated machine in the corner of a warehouse owned by his father, Mr Issa Jorge Pedro. He found out that it was a multi-needle quilting machine for matelasse manufacturing by the yard. And it was because of this machine that Frelanzza became in a few years, the biggest matelasse producer in Brazil, producing also duvets and bedspreads as finished goods.

In 1999, a polyester blanket and fiber stuffing factory was bought, thus making Frelanzza one of the biggest producers in this particular market segment.

Nowadays, having the second generation of the family in charge of the company, Frelanzza produces more than one thousand different textile products.

And that small machine keeps producing some of the best matelasse of the company, showing what Frelanzza regard as most valuable: Gratitude for those who helped build it, always looking towards the future with courage, with an entrepreneurial mindset.